In the course of providing our services, we at Trinity are continually gathering resources to assist our current clients. To maintain as much independence as possible and to keep them safe in their homes our clients typically need various supports outside of family, friends, and caregivers. Our staff strives to be aware of these needs and makes efforts to get these other needs fulfilled. We have contracts with Idaho Health and Welfare for Medicaid participants, The Blue cross Medicare/Medicaid Coordinated Plan, Homemaker, Bath Aid, Respite Care through the VA, Accept Long Term Care Insurance and Private Pay.

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Here are some of the services and resources we assist our clients and the community to access:

• Home Health Services
• Hospice
• Long Term Care Insurance
• Medicare vs. Medicaid
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Independent Living Facilities
• Federal and State Assistance Programs
• Local Grants and Programs
• Veterans Services
• Home Delivered Meals 

• Personal Emergency Response Programs
• Medi-sets
• Support Groups for various Diagnoses
• Elder Law Attorneys and Long Term Care Advisors
• Mental Health Services
• Counseling Programs
• Respite and Rehabilitation Care
• Durable Medical Equipment
• Transportation Services
• Placements